Need an HTC Hero owner for 15-30 minutes testing

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Need an HTC Hero owner for 15-30 minutes testing

Postby DulcetTone » Tue Dec 29, 2009 6:00 pm

My application (an extension to Android's voice dialer) has several features that do not work on Hero, and I'd like to learn what works and what does not.

I'd like to have a fairly organized person with a stock Hero (unrooted, no unorthodox firmware loads, etc) help me figure out if I can deliver a pared-down version for Hero that at least offers a reduced set of functionality in a sensible manner. Tester would have to speak unaccented English (for the speech recognizer's sake) and have at least some music on his phone.

I'd like to pay via PayPal if possible, offering $20 for 30 minutes testing and reporting, in one session. I figure this is 10 minutes of running the tests and 20 minutes in the write-up (I expect quick crashes to provide the answers needed). Naturally, you will remain on the free upgrade path once I go to a paid app.

I need just one tester, and ideally want to wrap this up before year-end.

Thanks in advance.

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