Need a lot of help with menu

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Need a lot of help with menu

Postby xSKYK1Dx » Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:47 am

Hello fellow developers, I’m happy to be a part of this community and I’m even happier that you all have placed so many resources here for everyone to use. I’m working on a project now and I’ve run into a lot of trouble and I’m here to ask for help. Also, I'm terribly sorry if this isn't the right forum. If that's the case please point me in the right direction and I will re-post there.

I need to make a menu for an Android app that will allow me to do four different things.

The application that will run at launch will be the one that has been previously coded ( ... ation.html)

I need these choices to appear when the user presses the "Menu" button on the phone.

Menu Button 1: Automatically Dial 911

Menu Button 2: Show nearby hospitals on map (within 10 miles of current location)

Menu Button 3: Show friends in contact list on map (Using code from here

Menu Button 4: Quit application

I only need it to run successfully in an emulator because it is for a one time display not for distribution. So any SDK level or target AVD version will be fine. But as of Now I'm using version 2.0 with Google API's

The sooner I can get help the better, I have about two weeks to get it working in the emulator.
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