Multi threading in android

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Multi threading in android

Postby rahel2050 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:12 am

Hi all,
I am new to android and i was doing some application which might use multi threading.
For example the application threads might do as follows assuming 2 threads;

Thread 1
Even if the overall application runs on foreground thread one should run at all times listening for specific sms;
Imagine the sms to be Intercepted is "3456" when this message is sent to the phone then thread one will be paused
and thread 2 will be activated:

Thread 2
When thread to is activated then it will use gps to track the location of the phone and will use instance of smsManager to send back the coordinates(log, lat) of the phone or even if possible google map back to the phone which sent the message "3456" and then thread one will be activated:

****How to make this happen any idea?

I know user must know that this application is running on the phone at all times.

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