Movie to iPhone 5 - Play/Watch Movies on iPhone 5

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Movie to iPhone 5 - Play/Watch Movies on iPhone 5

Postby smallfish5534 » Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:49 am

Movie to iPhone 5 - Play/Watch Movies on iPhone 5

From the Apple iPhone 5 Specs you can see that the 4-inch new iPhone model is very picky about supported video types: H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion-JPEG videos only. What movies on earth can you watch on iPhone 5? Basically the movie and TV shows purchases from iTunes store plays well on iPhone 5, and sometimes your camera shootings works with iPhone 5 too. As to self-made films? Oh yes, but only those in compatible formats. Still want to put more movies onto iPhone 5 for watching? Check the below recommended iPhone 5 tools.


1. DVD to iPhone 5 Converter(Windows Version/Mac Version) – watch DVD movies on iPhone 5

DVD to iPhone 5 Converter works for frequent travelers that take an iPhone with them. By ripping DVD films to iPhone 5 and you can watch movies on flight and spare time. The ripper works fast and safe. There’re iPhone 5 presets and the conversion is shortened to 3-step process: one click to import DVD, another click to select iPhone preset, and a last click to start ripping DVD to iPhone 5 supported video! Pretty straight-forward, isn’t it?

2. Blu-ray to iPhone 5 Converter( Windows Version/Mac Version)– watch Blu-ray movies on iPhone 5

“I want to rip DVD film and my own DVD video for watching on iPhone 5. The DVD also includes Blu-Ray.” If you’re not content with DVDs, the Blu-ray ripper gives you even more choices. When ripping Blu-rays it keeps up to 1080p Full HD quality! Don’t worry that the bitrate might negatively affect the clarity of the picture, the picture is still very clear on iPhone 5 when you compress a 40GB Blu-ray to 2GB! This Blu-ray ripper handles DVDs too.

3. iPhone 5 Video Converter (Windows Version/Mac Version)– watch MKV/AVI/WMV/ movies on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 can’t play MKV and AVI videos? A handy iPhone 5 Video Converter will meet all your needs. The video to iPhone 5 converter is made very easy with the user interface set up and the conversions are fast.
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