MIDP Porting on Android

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MIDP Porting on Android

Postby khalif » Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:38 am


We are trying to port a MIDLET on Android platform. We are trying to create an Android applicaiton by converting the J2ME MIDLET using J2AB open source. It successfully converted the MIDLET to ANDROID Applicaiton , but when we run the applicaiton in emulator. We got the below logs and the applicaiton did not run and displayed an alert for force close. This applicaiton is compiled for Android 1.1 since the open source is created for the same.

I/ActivityManager( 47): Displayed activity j2ab.android.app/.J2ABMIDletActivity: 3398 ms
I/jdwp ( 170): received file descriptor 20 from ADB
I/ActivityManager( 47): Stopping service: com.android.mms/.transaction.SmsReceiverService
I/ActivityManager( 47): processNextBroadcast: waiting for ProcessRecord{43401e70 170:com.android.alarmclock/10001}
W/System.err( 170): Can't dispatch DDM chunk 46454154: no handler defined
W/System.err( 170): Can't dispatch DDM chunk 4d505251: no handler defined
D/GpsLocationProvider( 47): updateNetworkState available
D/GpsLocationProvider( 47): NetworkThread out of wake loop
D/GpsLocationProvider( 47): Requesting time from NTP server pool.ntp.org
I/ActivityThread( 170): Publishing provider com.android.alarmclock: com.android.alarmclock.AlarmProvider
W/dalvikvm( 157): VFY: unable to resolve virtual method 868: Ljavax/microedition/lcdui/Displayable;.addCommandsToDisplay (Ljavax/microedition/lcdui/Display;)V
W/dalvikvm( 157): VFY: rejecting opcode 0x6e at 0x000c
W/dalvikvm( 157): VFY: rejected Ljavax/microedition/midlet/MIDlet;.setMenu (Landroid/view/Menu;)V
W/dalvikvm( 157): Verifier rejected class Ljavax/microedition/midlet/MIDlet;
W/dalvikvm( 157): threadid=17: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4000fe68)

Please let me know if anything need to be done at DVM level.
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