Menu Setup

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Menu Setup

Postby res » Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:01 pm

Just say you have a generic menu system ie Main Menu has -new, options, help and exit

When the user selects one of these they are taken to a new View. Now should each of these View's have their own Activity?

So say the user chooses "help", I would launch my help Activity which would in-turn display my help menu option to the user via a View. Upon exiting this view the Activity stops and I'm returned to my main menu Activity which displays the main menu again.

It is my understand that each View should have their own Activity but I'm wondering what other people are doing?

I'm wondering if it would be quicker/easier to run a single Activity which controls multiple Views?

edit: I've seen similar questions raised so i'd like to come up with the "correct" solution before providing a tutorial on the subject.
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