Loop through widgets in View and disable all buttons

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Loop through widgets in View and disable all buttons

Postby twan » Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:03 pm

Good afternoon,

I have a many activities with many different widgets, from textviews to buttons. Most of these activities save entered data to a server.

While the data is transfering the user may not press a button.

One solution i found is a non general one: put all buttons that need to be disabled in button array and loop through that array and disable/enable the buttons.

Problem here is i have to define such button array for all activities and when i add a button in layout xml in also need to add the new button to the array. This can become a bit boring.

When using swing i just put up a glasspane in front of the window. But android doesn't know such a thing. So i was wondering if i can loop through the widgets defined in the layout xml.

findViewById returns a object (a widget) but i was looking for something like getviewcount() and getchildview(int index). This way i could loop through the widgets, see if they are a button and disable/enable.

But i couldn't find such functions :cry: Is there maybe something i overlooked or is there another way to accomplish this?
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