Level design - Coding issue

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Level design - Coding issue

Postby AGL » Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:36 pm

i have a question about level design, concerning the realization of an already designed level. So if i came up with an idea for a level and already know where to put all the things, I do not understand how to place this information into the Code.
Damn it, Its hard to describe the question :D, I try an example:
So if you play e.g. Super Mario World, you have a level, where blocks are placed at certain points, and they are always there unless i destroy them. So somewhere in the code, there has to be an array or something similar where all this information is stored. My question is all about this storage. How to create such an array?

At this moment im coding a game which is similar to an Arcade shooter: You have a airhship at the bottom of your screen and you fly trough space and kill alliens. I thought that since i new exact the exact moment where the enemys have to appear, i can just create a timer and spawn them after a certain amount of seconds passed. Still I dont know how can i realize that.

I am using Java+OpenGL in my game.
I thank for all the help i get :)
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