Language Matter on firstboot

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Language Matter on firstboot

Postby Rodsengard » Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:15 am

Hey you,

I am new here and hope it isn´t asked before, ask I tried to search, but it came to no Result.

I am developing a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Fit based on the russian release of 2.3.6. Its´ baseband is XXKPQ.

What have I done so far? (you might need to know)

- ROM is de-odexed and rooted
- ROM is bareboned
- some little build.prop-tweaks were added
- Inid.d and app2sd is added

My question now is, I have put this together and after firstboot it won´t start with english language. Always cyrillic signs. Well no matter to change it by settings, but how do I explain the ROM, to get into english mode from the first boot on?
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