Issues..urgent reply will be deadline is reaching

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Issues..urgent reply will be deadline is reaching

Postby tv_sathish » Mon Mar 24, 2008 12:07 pm

Hi all,
I have the following questions. Your urgent replies and help will be most valuable as time is running out and I haven't done much yet.

1. How to add linear layouts (sub layouts to the main layout) one by one? Suppose I have a button or spinner in one row and want to add a text box and a button as a separate row below that, how do I do that? A code snippet could be helpful please..

2. I am using the CheckBoxified Text tutorial posted in "Novice Tutorials' for a User preferences page. In mc5, I am not seeing the first option in the choices by default, and only when I move mouse over, I can see the first choice. This is true with the sourcecode as it is in the tutorial or for my own CheckBoxifiedtext. Can someone tell why this is so?

3. The other most glaring problem with the CheckBoxified text is that I am always getting the values of getChecked() function as false. I have a Save and Cancel button in my page where I set the values of CheckBoxified items to boolean variables upon Save. The variables are false even when I check a few checkboxes. What could be the problem? Was this getChecked() really tested in the tutorial sourcecode? I am asking this because that demo only demonstrated clicking and unclicking checkboxes, not saving your options?

4. Can't HttpURLConnection be used within Android? Should we use only the package and the RequestQueue class? The RequestQueue class is not fetching full data for me, while the HttpURLConnection .getInputStream() is throwing IllegalArgumentException (I have checked connection is not null). Why the latter problem is happening? Are there any alternatives for accessing Network and retrieving data?

5. Why is the "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS" failing at the NOT keyword in mc5 only (not in mc3)? Which SQLite version is used in mc5? Can someone give an example on how to use the new query method (how to map query elements to the query method arguments)? It was returning an empty cursor even when a previous run of the application verified that insert into same table was successful.

Thanks and regards,
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