Is it possible to test Calendar Event using emulator?

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Is it possible to test Calendar Event using emulator?

Postby pranav09 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:03 pm

Hi everybody,

I am developing an application which requires to add Calendar event. I have written the code for inserting event to the calendar. But whenever i run my application, every time i get error that "Fail to find provider info for Calendar" and it also throws me NullPointerException error. So, what it means and i found that emulator doesn't provide Calendar application in-built.

I think if the Android Emulator doesn't have Calender API, so, naturally, it will not have any database URI in the emulator whereas the Contact has URI --"content://contacts/people". I also found the URI for Calendar as "content://calendar/calendars" and "content://calendar/events" but it doesn't work and it means that it gives me error cause of missing Calendar application.

Can anybody clarify me, with suggestions regarding Calendar Event?

Which is the way to test my application with Calendar Event?

I really need your help.
Please needful for the same.

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