Im new and need a push in the right direction :)

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Im new and need a push in the right direction :)

Postby sambocrockett » Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:50 am

Im working on creating my first application which will basically just be a collection of pictures stored in the res file and then drawn to screen when the app launches and through the use of buttons, the user will be able to go back and forth through the pictures I stored in the app. I know it sounds pretty trivial but its posing more of a challenge than I originally thought and I would appreciate some help with a couple things.


I know that I need to store all the resources like pics in the res file but how can I create an array to use them


Once Ive created an array how can I set up buttons that will cycle through the pictures back and forth and draw them on the screen.

So far Im able to do simple things like draw to screen and set up buttons that I can use for a counter.....that kind of stuff I was able to implement from different tutorials. However everything else that I have tried generates errors and Im not all that strong in programming in java......or much else at this point. I have tons of books that Ive been trying to read through but Im hoping some of you senior developers can help a struggling beginner :)
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