I'm new to java.. Need help with variables.

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I'm new to java.. Need help with variables.

Postby Ironique » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:30 am

So I actually studied computer science in collage, but since i haven't used any of my knowledge in some years it's all been forgotten.. One of my studies was C++ and now I like to get into java .
Just one question on my mind right now.
How do you assign a number to a variable? I want to make a really simple program that only uses two variables. The user inputs the first variable and then the second one, then I use the inputs to do a calculation with some other numbers. Nothing too complicated. But I feel lost starting a new language, and having forgotten almost everything I've learned about C++ doesn't help..
If someone could help me I would be ever so grateful!

Btw: The calculation I want to do is "10 / variable * variable2
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