How to start Activities stepwise?

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How to start Activities stepwise?

Postby sommeralex » Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:23 am


I would like to start activities dynamically, holding for each the bundle-information. Any ideas how to solve this?


I give my Service the class List of my activities:


Then, it should start A1 - waiting until the class is finishing and putting their results to the next.
Then, it should start A4 - A4 gets the bundle infos from A1 - waits, until finishing and is putting their own bundle-values.
Then, A2 gets the bundle infos from A1 and A4, waits, until finishing and puts their own bundles.

All bundle infos now are stored back to the service..


its just one approach. maybe it would be better if each activity gives their bundle info directly back to the service.
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