How to port java desktop app to android

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How to port java desktop app to android

Postby Tazzzzzz » Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:43 pm

Hi guys
I am new to android, but I need to port a desktop java app to android really fast.
It is my senior project actually - I have only a week left to present it... :(

So, when I developed it I had in mind that it should be the lightest possible, but still it is image processing (Steganography in JPEG)

So now I have the application running on a PC - it is without any user interface. The android's user interface I did in an xml file. It is pretty simple 3-4 EditText fields, 2 tabs, 3-4 buttons - I just need to get some input data from these.

The probelm is that in my java app I am using java.awt.image.BuffereImage (I guessed it would be in Android, but I was mistaken). So my first question is how is the easiest way to get over this problem?
// I am using only 3-4 methods from this class

The second question is how to make a browse button to the gallery in the most simple way - for example statically define the path to the gallery of the phone and ask the user only for the name of the exact JPG he/she wants to use as input

I will really appreciate any help, because the deadline is pushing me hard :(

Thanks for your time,

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