How to open the Gmail View Message Activity?

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How to open the Gmail View Message Activity?

Postby NickLai » Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:24 pm

I want to write an application to List the Gmail message. In the list, if user click one of the message item, it shall link ot Gmail App to see more detial information. Currently I can read the Gmail db with
There are some problems while I want to open Gmail Activity. In general, we can open Activity with Action and parameters. But Gmail App has not release code base. We do not know what Action set to Gmail Activity and what parmeter shall we put the extras. I only know that the Activity of View detial Message is named "HtmlConversationActivity." And the Package is under ""
please tell me how to open the View detial Message Activity in Gmail APP.
thanks a lot.
Nick Lai
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