[Appli exit] How to execute code before exiting application?

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[Appli exit] How to execute code before exiting application?

Postby Syl » Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:29 am

I develop an application with several activities.

When the application starts, it goes into InitActivity and it makes some initializations.
For example, it starts a thread that sends periodically a network request toward a server (keep-alive mechanism).

My problem is "how to process operations before exiting the application ?" (typically, to stop the keep-alive thread).
My idea is to make a forward to an ExitActivity before exiting.

It would be easy if I had only one activity in my app. I would use onCreate() and onDestroy() methods to process init and end operations.

I manage to handle BACK Key press (using onKeyDown() method in the activities) but I don't manage to catch the HOME key...

Do you know how to execute code just before exiting the application ?

Thanks for you help !
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