How to edit GoPro Hero3 video in iMovies

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How to edit GoPro Hero3 video in iMovies

Postby tidasaha » Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:51 am

For many photographers, especially the ones who love outdoor activities and recording every interesting moment with camcorders, GoPro Hero3 is definitely an ideal choice. It is hard to image that such an tiny and light gadget is able to capture videos at ultra-high-resolution of 1080p or even up to 4K.
Almost every camcorder comes with certain problem, this is also true to the GoPro Hero3. It's not hard to figure out what troubles users the most. Yes, the footage editing! The truth is that, there are lots of users having no idea of how to edit GoPro Hero3 footages in editing applications like iMovie 11. To tell you what, it is impossible for us to edit GoPro Hero3 file in iMovie directly because of the format incompatibility. In this case, the conversion between GoPro Hero3 to iMovie must be conducted by a third-party GoPro Hero3 to iMovie Converter.
There is a free converter in GoPro's support website, claiming to be able to transcode GoPro Hero3 files to iMovie, however, as some users feedback "there is no option for choosing the output file format, only the resolution (1920x1080) and the frame rate (59.94p), neither of which I changed." In this regard, HD Converter for Mac will be the ideal program to help you. It does well in converting GoPro Hero3 footages to iMovie acceptable format, say ProRes MOV with ZERO original quality loss.
Tips for editing GoPro video in FCP X: Convert GoPro Hero 3 video to ProRes for FCP X
A detailed guideline is specially offered to tell you how to import GoPro Hero3 to iMovie for extension editing with the assistance of the smart converter.
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Step 1: Add GoPro Hero3 File into the Program
Download Mac GoPro Hero3 to iMovie Converter from, set up and run it. After entering its interface, drag and drop GoPro Hero3 footages directly into the program. Or, you can try this way: click the "Add Files" menu bar, browse to where you keep the footages and then load them into the converter. They will be displayed one by one in the interface.
Step 2: Choose iMovie ProRes MOV as the Output Format
In order to edit GoPro Hero3 file in iMovie smoothly, the key point is to choose the proper output format from the format list. Actually, it's quite easy: click the "Profile"-"iMovie"-"Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC)(*.mov)" and the output format is set automatically. In fact, this program can not only help you to import GoPro Hero3 to iMovie, it can transfer the footages to any other software(Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, etc) or devices(iPhone, iPad, HTC, Galaxy, etc) as you like.
Notes: Although this GoPro Hero3 to iMovie Converter is not a professional editor like iMovie, its built-in editing features are really worthy trying. You can clip the source video into several segments, get rid of the black edge or unwanted part, apply special effects to the video, customize video brightness, contrast, saturation and adjust audio volume freely. Of course, if you don't find it necessary to make use of these functions, you can skip directly and move onto the next step.
Step 3: Begin to Convert GoPro Hero3 Footages to iMovie ProRes MOV
Now, you will succeed with one more click. Simply press the "Start" button in the lower right corner of the interface. The program will start the conversion without any delay. During the process, you can view it in real-time, besides, you can pause or even stop the process at any time if needed. After a little while, you will get the converted file with amazing quality. Afterwards, you can edit GoPro Hero3 file in iMovie without any problems.
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