[Solved]How to change the browser scrollbar background color

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[Solved]How to change the browser scrollbar background color

Postby madshiva » Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:16 am

Dear all !

I have a little problem, I have one application that open only a web page. With Intent, but not the WebView because I would like to use Gears for store the application when I'm not connected to internet.

This is working great, but my problem come with the "browser" part, when I create a web page, the colour of the background of the scrollbar is white I would like to change this.


I have searched, but I could not find how to set the colour of the scrollbar for the browser.

In the sample RunningMan that Google provide, he use this for the css : that hide the scrollbar, but that don't change my problem.

html {
overflow-y: hidden;

Thanks for any help or hint.


I have found the solution :


Best Regards
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