Help with procmem output: /dev/pmem_camera /dalvik-heap-bitm

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Help with procmem output: /dev/pmem_camera /dalvik-heap-bitm

Postby ldrolez » Tue May 04, 2010 9:20 am

Hi !

I'm trying to track memory leaks in apv :
When I run procmem on apv, I see a lot of allocated memory for /dalvik-
heap-bitmap/mark/* and /dev/pmem_camera (?!):

15072K 11308K 11308K 11308K 0K 0K 11308K 0K /dev/pmem_camera
1016K 848K 848K 848K 0K 0K 848K 0K /dev/pmem_camera
520K 464K 464K 464K 0K 0K 464K 0K /dev/pmem_camera
1752K 1432K 1432K 1432K 0K 0K 1432K 0K /dev/pmem_camera
6760K 6316K 6316K 6316K 0K 0K 6316K 0K /dev/pmem_camera
2792K 2508K 2508K 2508K 0K 0K 2508K 0K /dalvik-heap-bitmap/mark/2
1168K 904K 904K 904K 0K 0K 904K 0K /dalvik-heap-bitmap/mark/2
4276K 4064K 4064K 4064K 0K 0K 4064K 0K /dalvik-heap-bitmap/mark/2
13924K 11772K 11772K 11772K 0K 0K 11772K 0K /dalvik-heap-bitmap/mark/2

Could someone explain where the leak could come from (heap bitmap?) and why there's a
lot of allocated memory in /dev/pmem_camera (maybe a system bug on my
Dext with Android 1.5, since the camera is not used in this app).


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