get cordinates from txt file and show on image

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get cordinates from txt file and show on image

Postby androidgps » Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:22 pm

Hello guys....! :)
i have a problem.....i don't know how can i read a txt file from SDcard and show the information to image...?
For example, I have a txt file with differents coordinates [(100,100), (150,80), (30,65)] and show these points on image....
Thanks in advance!!
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Re: get cordinates from txt file and show on image

Postby phishman3579 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:09 am

I assume that those numbers or pixel coordinates? If they are lat/lon values than that's a different question (which i can answer, if needed). You will likely have to create a View that extends the ImageView class and then over-ride the onDraw(Canvas canvas) method which will draw both the image and the points.

Look into the canvas.drawRect() and canvas.drawBitmap() methods.

I have some code that draws lines, rectangles, and bitmaps on a canvas in my augmented reality framework. You can find it here: ... -framework

Look at com/jwetherell/augmented_reality/activity/ for hints on over-riding the onDraw() method.

Also look at the classes in com/jwetherell/augmented_reality/ui/objects/ to see some examples of drawing on the canvas.
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