Game Loop - Using Timer instead of "while()"?

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Game Loop - Using Timer instead of "while()"?

Postby Don Pipo » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:58 am

Hi everybody!

I try to move from Flash/AS3 to Android/Java and read a lot of tutorials in the last days. If I stumble over Android game tutorials I always find something like this:

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public void run() {
    Canvas c;
    while (_run) {
        c = null;
        try {
            c = _surfaceHolder.lockCanvas(null);
            synchronized (_surfaceHolder) {
                // simulate and render game here
        } finally {
            // don't leave the Surface in an
            // inconsistent state

I have never seen a game loop created with "while()" in Flash. In Flash I used a Timer-class to create my game loop. Does this have a Android or Java related reason?

Don Pipo
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