G20 Driver VS RocketBallZ RBZ Driver VS R11s Driver

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G20 Driver VS RocketBallZ RBZ Driver VS R11s Driver

Postby yannana » Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:37 am

Golf clubs for sale: Brand New ping g20 driver, TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Driver and Taylormade R11s Driver Cheapest For Sale On Discountgolfware.com .

Graphite Ping G20 Drivers come with stiff and regular flex cheap for sale. Get Ping G20 Driver at best price with free shipping.

The Ping G20 Driver has a heavier head than G15 (7 grams more than standard) for greater force at impact. Additional backweighting and a more elongated face shore up misses. (Ping "shaved" the head in the low toe area to meet the 460cc size limit.) The reconfigured clubhead — 5 percent higher moment of inertia on heel or toe hits — combines with a light, 45.75-inch "high-balance point" shaft (TFC 169D or TFC 169D Tour) to boost clubhead speed and, thus, distance.

The Newest Taylromade Driver is expected to hit the market very soon. People interested in golf can enjoy better playing with new brands. Drivers are often released by companies giving hope for better scores. As rumors spread all over golfers have gained positive attitude towards golf. Golfers are optimistic to get good scores in the game.

The New 2012 TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Driver is made for the mid to high-handicap golfers who want more distance and forgiveness so that they can hit it farther and still have a good control on the ball flight.

Following on the heels of the original R11 driver's success, TaylorMade introduces the R11S driver. The company calls the R11S driver "the most adjustable driver" yet on the market.

Altogether, TaylorMade says the R11S driver is adjustable to 80 different launch settings, including adjusting the loft to five different settings, three-quarters of a degree at a time; changing the face angle up to plus-or-minus six degrees; and moving the center of gravity location enough to effect up to 20 years of side-to-side trajectory change.
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