Force data connection to turn on!

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Force data connection to turn on!

Postby cbyte » Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:07 am

Hey guys,

here in australia there is a bunch of users on the vodafone network that are having the same issue. When we leave home and our home WIFI, our HTC magics are not making a transition to 3G/2G/G/E whatever... we are just stuck without data. Only remedy is to turn phone off then on then we are connected again, or turn to airport mode then back sometimes works.

I was thinking of making a small app to put on the desktop to assist with this problem. Was wondering if its possible to force android to open up a data connection (im sure if we did a check first we would find we had no connectivity).

Any help, source code sample, advise or suggestions would be appreciated. We are getting annoyed with this.
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