"Force Close" error on startActivity since 1.5

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"Force Close" error on startActivity since 1.5

Postby gust0208 » Fri Jun 05, 2009 10:50 pm

Hello everyone,

I am trying to do some updates for my free app and have been getting Force Close errors on the phone user side when trying to start any activity for result since the push of the 1.5 update to phone users. I am compiling my code on the 1.1 base and testing it on my AVD with 1.5 with no problems or errors. I have implemented proper life cycle management and the error can occur on first use which seems to make memory issues unlikely.

I reviewed the 1.5 changes and can't see any major updates to functions used by my code, which is simply an adaptation of the official Android NotePadV3 program.

Anyone have an idea of something simple in the base code or potentially the manifest that may be causing a force close error on starting any activity on the phone user side that does not appear on the emulator?

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