Failed Counter Code

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Failed Counter Code

Postby johnsearle » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:57 am

I'm attempting to write a simple test app that counts down by the second and displays it on the screen. I have used the following to get my current results:

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      Time currentTime = new Time();
      int milliDiff = (int) (currentTime.toMillis(false) - startTime.toMillis(false));
      if(milliDiff > 1000) {
         sec--; // in class scope to count # seconds
         millis = milliDiff;
         if(sec < 0) {
            sec = 0;
         } else if (sec < 10) {

The display code is elsewhere, and the FPS < 1 second. If I set the value of milliDiff to 500, then it seems to run at close to the proper speed.

I know there are other approaches to this problem, but can anyone explain why this fails?

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