Expandable List XML version of List6.java?

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Expandable List XML version of List6.java?

Postby TheDonSansone » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:06 pm

I am really disapointed that the Android Team have not given us an example of an XML Layout view for their API.Demo ListAdapter Collapsed List6.java ? Unless I am wrong and have just not found it.

From Google Groups I get the feeling that ViewInflate is the answer but my XML layout and attempts to convert List6.java have failed terribly every time all day !!

Has anybody got an example of the method code to use an array in List6.java and output it via XML layout control ?

This is the base for me as I will also be implementing a large field array from a SQL database.
Many thanks in advance... :roll:
TheDon Sansone.

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