Error in AndEngine when running in oracle virtualbox

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Error in AndEngine when running in oracle virtualbox

Postby lcastanhel » Thu May 24, 2012 3:55 am

Hello all.

I'm programming a game and my old pc is too slow for the AVD's. Thereby I'm trying to run AndEngine on a Virtual machine over a x86 android.

I've made the installation based on this links:

Link1: ... irtualbox/
Link2: ... x-support/

I was able to run a simple application (with no AndEngine on it) and launch it using eclipse.

I've followed all the steps to run AndEngine and GLES2 and it works perfectly with my AVD. However, when I try to run the example in my x86 android which is inside my VM it keeps showing the same error (A very classical one, according to our friend google: ... nfig+found).

The error is: No EglConfig found. The results of the query above seem not to clarify what is this error.

Considering I'm a new AndEngine user, is there any solution or a more detailed explanation for this problem?

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