Drop Down Menu with expandable Lists??

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Drop Down Menu with expandable Lists??

Postby SilverAfro » Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:17 am

Hello I am having a little bit of trouble doing this.

I am using a Spinner to make a drop down list. I have that part done (just like the api demo :) but it gives me radio buttons.

How can I get the drop down list of my array to instead of being radio buttons, be an expandable list.

For example. Lets say I have a spinner, I click on it, and get a list of all of the countries. I click on USA. Instead of returning USA, how can i get it to either give me another drop down list of all of the states, or just have USA be an expandable list with the states below it? (the states having radio buttons).

Thanks :)

EDIT: To give you an Idea of what I am looking for. When you longpress on the home screen, and the list comes up with widget, wallpaper, etc. And it is also an expandable list. How do you do that if not all of the items are expandable lists?
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