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Download World War Z Movie

Postby hdmovies » Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:42 pm

Download World War Z Movie : Firstly I was surprised by how good the World War Z film was. I love my zombie films and have seen some real opportunities squandered by a directors insistence on making it accessible by which they mean a toned down story with outlandish CGI based bull**** (i.e. I Am Legend). Although the ending felt a bit hurried and anti climactic it bordered on insanely tense pretty much from the first minute. The music with all it's ominous bass and crashing percussion suits the film down to a tee. Scene's of mass mayhem are accompanied with intense orchestral pandemonium while scenes of relative calm (which are few and far between in World War Z) still hum with ominous tension.

Watch World War Z Online : The score was composed by two-time Academy Award nominee Marco Beltrami who has composed the scores to The Hurt Locker and 3:10 to Yuma (which earned him his Oscar nominations for Best Original Score) as well as several others. His experience in conducting with a large orchestra pays off hugely this time around. The music builds and falls twists and turns throughout the plot giving you very little in the way of breathing space just as Brad Pitt's character Gerry is hurled from one catastrophe to the next.

Watch World War Z Movie : The entire soundtrack encapsulates a looming monolith of orchestral power compelling but disturbing much like the movie itself. Big booming brass sections make your hairs stand to attention slowly building in pace and power to set your heart racing like a zombie chasing after a fleshy human. The soundtrack fits with the settings perfectly too with bellowing horns conjuring images of the industrial clank of machines as Brad Pitt and his family try to escape downtown Philadelphia. As he traverses the globe in an attempt to understand what's happened the music changes with it. Without giving too much away the film takes in a lot of locations before Pitts character is either forced to flee or fight even taking in the glorious countryside of Wales before that too becomes a pit of writhing undead bodies.

Download World War Z : As a soundtrack Beltrami has done exceptionally well. Rather than go for the straightforward horror staple of badly tuned orchestral strings he really captures the intensity and terror you would feel in the same situation. You know it works well because you're too immersed in the film to notice what the music is already hinting at (i.e. that **** is about to get worse). It's not quite The Shining for straight up eerie sounds but it conveys your general feeling of dread pretty well. This is the sign of a great soundtrack not that it stands on its own but that it supports the film in the same way that the visuals support the music. Together they are greater than either is without the other. Considering how good the film was that's quite an achievement.
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