Create app that stops other apps from opening

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Create app that stops other apps from opening

Postby Renaldob » Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:26 pm

Hi All,

i am creating a business application for my company, this app is going to be used by field agents.
One of the requirements is to not allow the field agent of the phone (company phone) to play with settings or open apps like games etc..
The only app that should be allowed to open is the phone and the business application i am going to develop,.

The application should work like Smart App Protector in android market but much more simplified.
It should be possible as many apps are doing this

Please could you redirect me to resources or lead me in the right direction to archive this or maybe even sample code

this is a critical requirement to the success of the project.

Your help will be greatly appreciated
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Re: Create app that stops other apps from opening

Postby Phyll » Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:15 pm

Hi Renaldob,

I don't think there is any way to do that, that does not require a security flaw or a replaced ROM. At least the ways available to a normal phone (I think) could be breached by a knowledgable user.

One way I can think of that would do something like that, is to study what is done to make a substitute home screen. When that is done you have to take over a lot of those functions like starting apps. You basically start an app that never ends and manages all the other apps that run. I think that could be a starting point for the app you describe. Not a small job, but it has and is being done already.

If you want something that cannot be broken, you would probably want to make your own ammendments to the ROM and basically the OS so that you could monitor and control anything that might be run to handle other content or errors that might occur. In other words make your own proprietary phone with the functions you want. Not a small job either. Help may be harder to find too. Not as many experts talking about it.

Take a look at this question: ... or-android

Hope this helps.

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