Create a file from webview content

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Tutorial request to let android create file from webview

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Create a file from webview content

Postby whitehat » Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:06 pm

Hello @all since a year i'm working on an application to run a shoppingsystem on an android device.

Recently i finished a working prototype for it as a webview app.
I created the app with jquerymobile,and it uses androïds localstorage (webdb).

When finished the user interface to create a database with excisting:
-categories tables
-product tables
-shoppngcart tables

I was getting a hard time to grab the content of the shoppingcart and let the content print to whatever/any printer.
It seems there's no opensource code availeble to let me do that,or it might be to hard to implement for me.

So i took the idea of let it send by email!!!!!!!!!!!(and i got that working to)

But that isnt what i want.
My main goal is ofcourse to take the content out of the DOM , run some regexp(to strip html),take the endresult and put it in a txt or pdf file.Use some api/sdk and let it print to any printer.......(dream on)

So as i stopped dreaming i came to conclusion my only option is cloudprint.
However cloudprint stil requires an filled html page ( did i mention my webview runs client side... so html content is generated by javascript in the DOM) to be printed, or a file created.

So how can i extract content from webview (client side html5/javascript) to a new created text/pdf file (for example named cart_id_xx.txt or .pdf) and send it to cloudprint???????????????????

Ofcourse all actions should run in the background,this means once the client presses a print button in the webview....the make file and send to cloudprint must not be noticeble by the client.
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