Contextual menu for soft keyboard using a pressedkey.

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Contextual menu for soft keyboard using a pressedkey.

Postby Dark Geek » Wed May 16, 2012 8:59 pm


Everyone, I'm French sorry if my English is not very Formal and perfect, I'm coding a keyboard for myself using the sample soft keyboard (a sample in the sdk).I created different keyboards inside the sample and when I chose them inside the code they all works, I know how all the programm works.

In there is a listener I have a space to code somethin for the options key which Is determinated.

To be short and understandable I need the code to put, if the option key is pressed. here's the place to place the code so I think that no new java file is required, I tried a lot of possibilities using contextmenu or dialog but I dont know how they works and how to launch them.

} else if (primaryCode == LatinKeyboardView.KEYCODE_OPTIONS) {
// Show a menu or somethin'
------------> The code needs to be there <--------------------

If someone can give me the code to put there to have a contextual menu with a spinner and some checkboxes.

Thanks for your help, I'm totally disappointed :S

Au revoir! bye!

Dark Geek
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