Confused by what compiler to use for kernel code

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Confused by what compiler to use for kernel code

Postby mungbeans » Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:37 am

I've been doing lots of searching to find information on how to compile code for the kernel and am confused as to the results.

According to
you can obtain the source and compile it right away, and when I tried it it was successful.

So if you can apparently compile for the emulator using the tool chain as above why are there so many articles talking about obtaining a cross-compiler or using scratchbox or busybox or embedded debian etc.?

Could somebody please just answer these simple questions:
1) If I modify some kernel source code, or write a simple c hello world app, what compiler should I use to run it on the emulator and why? If I can't use the built in tool chain why not?

2) If I do above and want to run it on target hardware, omap 2420 or whatever, what compiler should I use and why?

3) Is there any documentation describing how the android build system / make files etc. works?

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