code to uninstall applications

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code to uninstall applications

Postby aljochimera » Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:52 am

I wan't to uninstall applications using my application... I can retrieve the list of packages installed but I don't know how to remove them... I used the PackageManager class, getInstalledApplications() method... I can't find any method like removeApplication() or uninstallApplication().

the only method I saw in this class is the removePackageFromPreferred (String packageName) method... It retrieves a list of preferred packages.. I don't exactly know what preferred packages means or somehow how to retrieve them... I tried to put a package name in the method "removePackageFromPreferred (com.dev5.fivegame)" but it gives an error...

I'm kinda new to these stuffs so pardon me for my questions...
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