Can't figure out how to bundle Zxing lib with my Android App

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Can't figure out how to bundle Zxing lib with my Android App

Postby callingshotgun » Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:33 pm

I'm having trouble figuring out how to bundle zxing with my android
application- I want to use it as an intent (hit a button, have it
scan the barcode, shoot back to my app with a return value, like CompareEverywhere)
I tried importing the zxing/android folder of the zxing folder (the
one you get when you unzip the download) as an eclipse project and
making my project dependant on it, but the zxing/android folder won't
compile in eclipse- it'll only compile using ant from the command
line. Then I tried just copying the source code from the zxing/
android/src and res folders into my project to see if that would just
magically work... again, no-go. Compiler errors a-plenty, from what I
can tell it's because the build script in the zxing/android folder
somehow moves the source code around during the build steps so that it
will actually compile.

I also looked for a jar in the /android folder that I could include as
an external lib using Eclipse- but all I saw was the .dex and .apk
files. I'm assuming that using the regular j2se jar won't work for an
android app, as I intend to use it as an "intent".
I don't want to have my app be dependant on the user having already
installed some other barcode-using application (like Barcode Reader)
or ask them to download it seperately. I feel like I'm missing
something super-obvious here, I was wondering if anyone could point me
in the right direction?
Much appreciated.
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