call to start service.

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call to start service.

Postby chippie2000 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:01 pm

Hi guys,

I've got a singleton that looks after my binding to the service for me. However, the call to bind is asynchronous method returning at somepoint a successful event back in the service connection object. I've tried using

private static final Object locker = new Object();

prviate ServicClass(Context ctx) {
//create connection to service here via ctx.bind)

public static IServiceClass getInstance(ctx) {
if (serviceClass == null) {
serviceClass = new serviceClass();
return serviceClass

private ServiceConnection mService.....
//here we have the callback for connection and disconnect. In both of them i do object.notifity()

My issue is that it doesn't get past the wait call....

Can anyone shred some light to this?
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