Call Forward Setting

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Call Forward Setting

Postby jef3189 » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:32 pm

I'm new to these boards. I'm looking to create a simple widget application that will allow me to turn on/off call forwarding via a toggle switch on the home screen. I've seen this done with similar functionality for options like WiFi and GPS on/off toggling.

I know there is an option to listen for changes to the Call Forwarding State via PhoneStateListener, but is there an intent or a way to programatically change the actual call forward setting on or off using PUBLIC API? Or even an intent to simply bring up the user directly to the menu? I don't want user to have to root their phone to use this application either.

Here is the internal method from:

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void setCallForwardingOption
(int commandInterfaceCFReason,
int commandInterfaceCFAction,
String dialingNumber,
int timerSeconds,
Message onComplete);

is there a way to do this using public API

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