Bringing the Android open source into Launchpad

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Bringing the Android open source into Launchpad

Postby pjv » Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:10 pm

(Split-off from here)

For any Android-based projects there currently is the Android projects devs group on launchpad.

For the Android source code itself, I have been looking into how we could firstly get translations done on launchpad. It seems many translations have already been done but I'm sure if the community would help out more languages could be reached and the deployment of Android could be accelerated.

I've tried it with my Android's Fortune project first here and it's partially working. This is only a small project with no existing translations yet. I have been using xml2po. For the Android platform xml2po should be rewritten so that it combines multiple strings.xml files (each in a different values-* folder (e.g. values-en-US)) into one .pot file and several .po files. It should also use the id's from within the xml tags and not the english translation that is also in there (but it should put that as a str in the .pot). Idem in the other direction.

See also this launchpad rosetta bug for a reason why extending an xml-to-po converter is probably the best way to go (apart from convincing google to use gettext instead of xml).
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