AVI to iPad Mac, how to convert AVI to iPad on Mac?

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AVI to iPad Mac, how to convert AVI to iPad on Mac?

Postby tomia » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:35 am

AVI to iPad Mac, how to convert AVI to iPad on Mac?

AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) is a multimedia container format and it's popular video formats on our daily digital life. You may have many videos in AVI format on your Mac. But many iPad users don't know how to import AVI files to iPad for playing. As we know iPad supports some video formats like MP4, but not including AVI format. So, we should convert AVI to iPad.

It's so easy to play AVI files on iPad if you have the Mac AVI to iPad Converter. This converter is specially designed for Mac users to convert AVI to iPad supported video formats such as MP4. With it, you can convert your AVI videos with high conversion speed and you will get the high quality videos. What's more, this program allows users to convert AVI to other video formats like MKV, VOB, FLV, WMV, MPG, MOV, and so on.

Besides converting AVI to iPad, this AVI to iPad Converter for Mac enables users make some editings and settings. If you need, you can crop videos, merge AVI videos, trim videos, add image, text, even video watermark and son on. All works finished, you can view your videos on iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad.

Now, the following step by setp guide shows you how to convert AVI to iPad on Mac.

Step 1. Add videos into this Mac AVI to iPad Converter

After downloading and running Mac AVI to iPad Converter, click "Add" button to upload AVI files which you want to convert from your Mac to this program .


Step 2. Select the output format and set the destination

In this step, you can chooose the output format form the "Format" drop-down list. Here you can choose ".mp4" as the output fornat. Then chooose the destination from the "Browse" drop-list.

Step 3. Start converting

There are some editig functions which allow you make you videos before convert AVI files, like add watermark, trim video, crop video. When all things are ready, just click "Convert" button to convert AVI to iPad on Mac.
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Re: AVI to iPad Mac, how to convert AVI to iPad on Mac?

Postby maggiemiao » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:25 am

I'd like to do the video conversion on computer instead of on mac. Here is guide tells about how to convert avi to iPad step by step. It helps.
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Re: AVI to iPad Mac, how to convert AVI to iPad on Mac?

Postby chrisadams » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:36 pm

You must take a look at air video. Realtime conversion when on wifi and 3G and also will convert movies that you can transfer to iTunes then to iPad. This makes it simple and effective to make conversions easy in iPad.
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Re: AVI to iPad Mac, how to convert AVI to iPad on Mac?

Postby Gamewurm » Thu May 09, 2013 9:17 am

How to convert avi files to MOV format on a Mac? What ".avi" decides what to use. For Windows Media file, Flip4Mac will do the job. By using QuickTime you open it, save it as .mov, and then it becomes .mov. For DivX/XviD file, official DivX plug-in will do the iob in the same way. During the process of transcoding, BTW, quality will be ruined.

Is there any nice free software which can be used to transfer AVI to MOV Mac? In the following it will tell some simple and easy ways.

When your files are used for iTunes only, which of course not include iPod, installation codecs can do the job. During this process, the codecs which probably are DivX/XviD or WMV, are used for understanding the files by Quicktime. By using Quicktime, opening the files and saving them as .movs. By clicking*both*, both .avi and .mov should be kept. In this way, MOV can be played in QuickTime, while.avi can also be played inside. Thus there is no need for you to transcode to lose quality.

By using MacBook pro, I never succeeded in converting MOV to WMV for Mac. Even by using the last cut pro x or other converters, every time was failed.

Only aka Flip4Mac, which is required to pay with its free version accessed only for playback, can make WMV out of FCP X and Compressor.

AppGeeker is software used for transferring a prepared MOV video to .WMV. Therefore, choosing 'Animation' with the 'Best' quality will be better for you to make a .MOV out of FCP X. In this way, unlike MPEG-4 or H.264, the quality will not be ruined. Since videos are encoded with ProRes or Apple, 'Animation' is the choice with the best quality, which is not known by Video Monkey.

I found that FCP X has been deprived its high-level export settings and transformed to Compressor by Apple. The Compressor is program used for all videos’ conversion. In this way, Apple appeals you pay for it. For FCP X, its exported movies only permit ProRes and H.264 compression. As for iMovie, it permits professional settings.

Therefore, at first, the installation of Compressor and exportation by H.264 compression help you to transfer your MP4 to WMV on Mac. In this process, I hope the quality will keep great as you want.

Someone required me to do the introduction and closing job in a radio show, which is also videotaped. I’d like to combine my parts with the video made by its organizer. So I figured out the requirements for my parts from the organizer and I was told 340x280 MP4 files are in need, what’s more, H.264 codec is in their use. I’ve been using Mac and haven't handling MP4 files yet, hence I don’t know how to transfer a MOV to MP4. So I need someone to tell me which software should I use. You do not have to know the specifics. Final Cut, which maybe HDV at 29.97, is used by me on Macbook Program 10.5.8.
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