Audio recording quality difference between phones

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Audio recording quality difference between phones

Postby Sabo » Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:45 am

Posting it here since the multimedia section was spam only.

I have developed an app that records voice conversations. I have two test phones at the moment: Sony Xperia U and Samsung Galaxy S3. The quality of the audio recordings between the two phones differs a LOT.

On the Samsung the quality of the recording is very "unclean/burky" when using the settings 2 channels / 16 bit / 22kHz, whereas the quality on the Sony is good (although the volume is super low).

If I change the settings to 1 channel / 16 bit / 22kHz the quality on the Samsung is "ok" (bit unclean/burky), but the on the Sony it's very bad (like Samsung with the first settings). The volume on the Sony is still low, so I guess there's nothing that can be done about that.

Other settings used are AudioSource.MIC, OutputFormat.THREE_GPP, AudioEncoder.AAC.

I'm now curious, what can be done about this? Do a general setting that is ok/good for all phones exist, or do I have to hard-code in different settings for different phones? Is it because of the encoder used?
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