Application Software Design Problem

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Application Software Design Problem

Postby KernelPanic » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:26 am

Dear Sirs and Madams!

I have relative strong background in embedded and desktop development (15+ years of experience), but I am n00b in mobile development and at first I have to "grasp" mobile "way of thinking/logic". I am in process of developing my first app for Android (14 days ago I have bought Samsung Galaxy Note - so far superb phone) and now I have m first question: In my app there is simple internal sqlite database with one table with cca. 700 records. Now, once my app is launched, the user is offered 2 ways of search (for now):
[list=]search by table column "Name" - for advanced users
parametric search by some other table columns (and logical combinations between them - OR, AND, NOT)[/list]
Now, in desktop apps developer can simply provide these two ways in some menu and therefore in mobile app I am planning to use TabHost for main activity with two tab widgets/activities/views (by widget I mean some subclassed GUI component, not Android Widget):
    Direct Search
    Parametric Search
Is this solution ok or it can be done via more "mobile" way? And where can I get icons for these two search methods?

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