Application Install Unsuccessful-while installing app viaOTA

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Application Install Unsuccessful-while installing app viaOTA

Postby hemant » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:36 pm

Hello All,

I have developed an application using Android SDK 1.5, application works well on Android Simulator.
Now, I am trying to install application on actual device. I don't have the Android device. So, I am going by OTA way.

For this, I have generated the self sign keystore using keytool utility.
And, using Eclipse's "Eclipse Signed Application package.." option I have generated the signed .apk file and moved it to my web server.
Also, i added MIME type on web server for .apk.

But, when I am trying to download and install the same application on device, application get downloaded and it also prompts for permission. After thag when I click on "Install", it fails with error Application Install Unsuccefull.

Interestingly, I test this url on simulator browser, and it worked perfectly well and application get installed successfully.

Even, I checked that, SDCard is there on device. Settings -> Applications and "Unknown sources" option is alos checked.

Am I clear to you all?

Is it really possible to do OTA(Over The Air) installation of Android application on device like it happens in Blackberry/WM.
What I want to do is just keep my application on web server and provide the url of application to user, who will open Android mobile browser, type in the url and download the application on device.

Any Idea what may be going wrong here?

Thanks and appreciate your response,
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