Application crash

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Application crash

Postby Prashantk » Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:07 am

Hi all,

in my application i m using gradients as background for layouts and buttons, also images .
On rendering from one screen to another my application is crashing down, with following lines in log cat:

12-08 10:10:51.688: ERROR/SurfaceFlinger(53): not enough memory for layer bitmap size=307200
12-08 10:10:51.727: ERROR/SurfaceFlinger(53): createNormalSurfaceLocked() failed (Out of memory)
12-08 10:10:51.738: WARN/WindowManager(53): OutOfResourcesException creating surface
12-08 10:10:51.748: WARN/WindowManager(53): No leaked surfaces; killing applicatons!
12-08 10:10:51.767: WARN/ActivityManager(53): Killing processes for memory at adjustment 0
12-08 10:10:51.767: WARN/ActivityManager(53): Killing for memory: ProcessRecord{434bd5b8 198:com.persistent.linkbuddy.ui/10030} (adj 0)
12-08 10:10:51.779: WARN/WindowManager(53): Looks like we have reclaimed some memory, clearing surface for retry.
12-08 10:10:51.779: WARN/WindowManager(53): Due to memory failure, waiting a bit for next layout

i get the force close dialog and pressing force close , application gets to its first screen

what will be the problem

thanks in advance,
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