App crashes on HTC Tattoo

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App crashes on HTC Tattoo

Postby Pich » Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:09 pm


I have an app that runs well on vanilla Android 1.6 and above. However, I have got an error report from a user with a HTC Tattoo. I am not sure if it is this phone or the HTC Sense that does not work well with my app. My app works on QVGA - WVGA in the emulator, but I have not been able to test with Sense UI.

The problem seems to occur when app calls Intent.VIEW to view a newly captured picture.

I am wondering if anyone here owns a Tattoo and are willing to test my app? It´s called "uNote" and is available on the Market. It would really help me a lot. I don't know how to recreate this error without owning a Tattoo device. If you test it and it crashes, please use app "Log collector" directly after crash to retrieve logs and send it to me.

Or does anybody know of what could be the problem?

Best regards

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