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Android button

Postby Niketa » Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:45 am


In Android, if i Write my code and call a function that also perform certain task.

Now When i click on the button, then it remains selected for some time and then sets the values on screen but it

executes the code..

For example: on click event of my button, i first write the code to displays the progress bar and then i call a

function that count the files selected to upload. from this file counting function i also call a function which upload

the file one by one and set the title of the file currently being uploading.

Now i am succeed to upload files and also displaying the progress bar, but the progress bar is set at the

uploading of the Last file. and also the title is set at the last file.

but in the Log cat, i get all things in sequence. but on screen it displays at last when the color of button is

changed from yellow to white. here i am talking about the in built color of button that is changed when we click

it. This is happen even if i write other Long processing code rather than upload the file.

is there any in built behavior of android button to first process all its code and then displays on screen?
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