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Postby ef em el » Fri Mar 11, 2011 5:19 am

So i'm like seconds from publishing my app when I realize that the ads stop loading upon restarting an activity and i'm wondering if i've done this wrong? I load a start page via intent for picking easy medium hard etc and then another intent to launch the level chosen, and then it does a finish(); to go back to start and the exit from that does a finish(); to the main, i've noticed once you finish(); and then click easy or w/e again and load it a 2nd time, the ads never come. It's not a lag issue its gotta be with closing, but I dont wanna just leave the intents hanging right? Could someone explain to me how this is making the ads stop and how to fix it? The level choosing page stops showing ads too if you do a back to main menu and then click to start and choose levels again.

Cliff notes: Finish() then reloading that class in an activity again causes ads to not load even though they load perfectly well the first time.
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