Add item to call log context menu?

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Add item to call log context menu?

Postby smoger » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:51 pm

Hi everyone. Please excuse me,.. I'm a bit new to Java and Android but learning quickly.

I would like to know how to allow an outside app(namely the built in Call Log) to include a new context menu item which would invoke an activity from my app.

I have searched and read through the tutorial here: adding_oneself_to_other_applications_menus-t921.html

..but I'm either misunderstanding or doing something wrong.

as far as i can gather from the dev documentation, the MIME type i want is: ..but maybe that's wrong as well? or maybe the call log just doesnt look for intent filters to add to it's context menus.

ideally i would love to pass the phone number from the call log to my activity, but even just getting the ID of the call log item would be fine too, since I could then query the info anyway..

thanks in advance for any help!
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