adb push file to sdcard throwing read-only file system

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adb push file to sdcard throwing read-only file system

Postby chida » Sat Aug 08, 2009 1:29 pm


I m able to make the sdcard but prblm with pushing objects to sdcard

But when i am pushing the files to sdcard's throwing failed to copy..Read- only file system..

In my app i am playing a video file...for that thing im pushing the video file in to mySdcard..

Im able to create the sdcard and i given the "-sdcard C:\android-sdk-windows-1.5_r2\tools\mysdcard.img" and when im run the app in eclips im able to watch the mysdcard.img.lock in tools folder..

The main problem is when i am trying to push the .mp4 file it showing that this is Read-file system only..

adb push tenniskid.mp4 mysdcard/tenniskid.mp4

Failed to copy 'tenniskid.mp4' to 'mysdcard.img/tenniskid.mp4' : Read-only file system.

This is my problem and give me a sample steps to play the video file in sdcard if any body have..

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