Activity to service on click of BACK (arrow key on dev) and

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Activity to service on click of BACK (arrow key on dev) and

Postby sheikyis » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:18 pm

Hello android developers..

i am not much familiar with service's and use of is the
scenario i look to put fwd Kindly help on it...Working on android sdk

1) Activity is launched and location updates are taken and they are
print on the activity using textview..
2)On click of BACK (arrow key on dev) .. activity goes to destroy mode
(which i dont want)...and call the service with dispatches the
notification with the icon ..Still the location updates are ON..
3)When i click the notification icon..i must get back the same
activity which was getting the updates and updated values printed on
the text view...

I wonder is this possible .. i have gone through some apps such as My
Tracks, Buddy Runner...which works well on this scenario...

I hope some android developers give a favorable reply and help in
solving the problem...

I referred the LocalService and LocalServiceController examples from
API demo ..but the activity is destroyed on the click of BACK ...

Kindly help on this...
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